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Huaian JEMEC Machinery Co.,Ltd



Address:Room 1102, Haichuang Space, No. 12 Tongyuan Road, Huai 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Factory and warehouse:No.275 Qianjiang Road, Huai 'an, Jiangsu

Tel:0086 517 80969995


→  Humble start in Sep 2010 

→ Develop its oversea market and export electric motors ,drives and power transmission solutions to more than 60 customers in 16 countries until 2016 

→ Starting its business activities in domestic China by providing integrated power transmission and engineering fluid control solution to water business in 2016. 

→ Engineering division was founded in 2017 ,aiming to provide industrial sectors with high efficiency power transmission products portfolio in an effort of reducing energy cost. 

→ A breakthrough at pulp and paper industry at Indonesia by providing electric motors ,drives ,transformer and engineering solutions in 2018 .

→ A breakthrough at textile industry by providing PM motors and drives to the textile machine in 2020 .