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Address:Room 1102, Haichuang Space, No. 12 Tongyuan Road, Huai 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Factory and warehouse:No.275 Qianjiang Road, Huai 'an, Jiangsu

Tel:0086 517 80969995

Most equipment of papermaking industry, like digester, pulp washer, pager machine, beating machine, mixer, alkali recovery, pumps, fans and etc. are driven by induction motors, which performance, condition and safe operation are directly relate to the energy-consumption. JEMEC is capable of providing one stop driving system solutions for paper making factories, cover the motors and their driving system, full life operating and maintenance supports etc. The customer can count on high system availability as well as low operating, energy, and maintenance costs while the equipment operates reliably and safely. 

Our capability

■ LV motors with IE3, IE4 efficiency (grade 2, 3 according to GB standard)

■ Various kinds of HV cage motors and wound rotor motors

■ Various kinds of DC motors

■ VFD and soft starter system for above motors

■ Low speed big torque gearless driving system

■ Energy-efficiency analysis and solutions

■ New build or renovation EPC project that related to driving system