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Address:Room 1102, Haichuang Space, No. 12 Tongyuan Road, Huai 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Factory and warehouse:No.275 Qianjiang Road, Huai 'an, Jiangsu

Tel:0086 517 80969995

Pump stations play a very important role in water-delivery system, they transport the water to drinking water pipe network. For a 24h operating pump, energy-consumption is the key factor of the whole system cost. Adopting high efficiency, high reliability motors help reducing the operating and maintenance cost. 

For pump stations, JEMEC provides motors with efficiency IE3, IE4 (Grade 2, 3 according to GB standard) and VFD as well as permanent magnetic synchronous motors system which can keep relative high efficiency even operates at low speed, low load conditions. 

Our capability

■ LV motors with IE3, IE4 efficiency (grade 2, 3 according to GB standard)

■ Various kinds of HV cage motors and wound rotor motors

■ VFD and soft starter system for above motors

■ Permanent magnetic synchronous motor system optimized for pump application.