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PAD Mounted Fan & Exhaust Motor

2021-02-26 15:49:51
PAD Mounted Fan & Exhaust Motor

PAD mounted Fan & Exhaust motor are used for fan and ventilation application, it has no cooling fan, mounted by PAD inside the fan or ventilation tube, cooled by the air flow over its surface. 


■ Frame material: Cast Iron or die-casting aluminum

■ Rated power output: 0.12~7.5kW (aluminum house) 0.75~75kW (cast iron house).

■ Connection: 1M long flying leads

■ PAD mounted

■ Standard mounting construction according to IEC 60034-7: IM B3, IM B5, IM B35 and etc.

■ All motors are designed to IP55 degree of protection (IEC 60034-5)

■ Insulation system is designed for temperature class 155 (F). At rated output with line-fed operation, the motors can be used in temperature class 130 (B).

■ TEAO cooling (cooling method IC418 according to IEC60034-6)