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Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)

2021-03-15 15:18:17
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is a kind of rotary AC synchronous motor, like any rotating electric motor, consists of a rotor and a wound stator. The rotor consists of permanent magnets. Permanent magnets located on the rotor create a constant magnetic field. The magnetic field of the rotor, interacting with the synchronous alternating current of the stator windings, creates torque, forcing the rotor to rotate at a synchronous speed with the stator field.

JPM series Ultra High Efficiency Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor adopts interior permanent magnet rotor, not only has ultra-high efficiency, but also has features such as simple structure, reliable, small size, low weight and good interchangeability etc. JPM series Ultra High Efficiency Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor is driven by frequency inverter through encoder-free vector control. Within the range of 25%-125% load, compare with same size asynchronous motor, it has higher efficiency, wider economic range, lower temperature rise and significant energy-saving.


■ Frame material: Cast Iron

■ Rated power output: 0.55kW~355kW.

■ All motors efficiency reaches grade 2 according to GB18613-2020 and efficiency class IE4 (50Hz) according to IEC 60034-30 2014

■ Optimized compact style construction.

■ Standard mounting construction according to IEC 60034-7: IM B3, IM B5, IM B35 and etc.

■ All motors are designed to IP55 degree of protection (IEC 60034-5), and higher protection degree (IP68 the highest) is available by customers request 

■ Re-greasing devices for frame size 280 and above as standard, and for frame size 100 ~ 250 as option.

■Insulation system is designed for temperature class 155 (F). At rated output with line-fed operation, the motors can be used in temperature class 130 (B).

■ Self ventilated motors with radial-flow fans (cooling method IC 411 according to IEC 60034-6) as standard, forced air cool with external separately driven fans as option.