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Container-based Integrated Inverter Unit

2021-08-24 15:29:49
Container-based Integrated Inverter Unit

Container-based Integrated Inverter Unit

Container-based Integrated Inverter Unit is a combination of Inverter and Electrical control cabinet that installed    in a standard size container, which can deliver to the cust-omer as a whole.It can greatly reduce the workload when installation and commissioning at worksite. Meanwhile, the standard size container is easy to transport, and more compatible to severe environment. It can deploy and put into use in very short time. 

As an engineering company, JEMEC take his advantage of engineer capability, keep close to the requirements of customer, organized the Container, Inverter and HV control cabinet manufacturers to design, makes the manufacturing and installation plan and solves the problem during manufacturing and installation. The Inverter unit was tested at full voltage with load and passed the test one-time, all specifications was in according with the customer’s requirements, which proved again JEMEC’s outstanding engineering capability.