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Fabricated steel plate frame MV 3 phase asynchronous motor

2021-03-02 14:58:38
Fabricated steel plate frame MV 3 phase asynchronous motor

The motor adopts weld steel box like frame, has advantages of bigger output power, easy heat exhausting, flexible constructure and various cooling methods. 


■ Frame material: Fabrice steel plate

■ Frame size: 315-1000

■ Voltage: 3.3kV-11kV;

■ Rated power: up to 15000kW

■ Optimized compact style construction.

■ Standard mounting construction according to IEC 60034-7: IM B3, IM B35, V1 etc.

■ All motors are designed to IP55 degree of protection (IEC 60034-5), and higher protection degree (IP67 the highest) or lower protection IP23, IP24 that has better cooling are available by customers’ request. 

■ Rolling bearings with re-greasing devices, and sleeve bearing is available for 2P motors or bigger output motors

■ Insulation system is designed for temperature class 155 (F). At rated output with line-fed operation, the motors can be used in temperature class 130 (B). Class 180 (H) are available by request.  

■ Cast aluminum rotor is standard configuration, Copper bar rotor is available by request.  

■ Total enclosed air-air cooling (cooling method IC 611, IC616, IC666 according to IEC 60034-6) as standard, Air-water cooling (IC81W) is optional.

■ Supports limited VSD application

■ The slip ring part of wound-rotor motor is arranged at NDE side out of motor’s house, with protection IP23 or IP44, or located inside motor’s house with same protection grade as motor.