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High voltage slip ring motor

2021-03-02 15:06:47
High voltage slip ring motor

The motor adopts wound rotor, when the moto starts, the series connected resistance in rotor loop can reduce the starting current, increase the starting torque and power factor. 


■ Frame material: Fabrice steel plate

■ Frame size: 315-1000

■ Voltage: 3.3kV-11kV;

■ Rated power: up to 15000kW

■ Optimized compact style construction.

■ Standard mounting construction according to IEC 60034-7: IM B3, IM B35 etc.

■ All motors are designed to IP55 degree of protection (IEC 60034-5), or lower protection IP23, IP24 that has better cooling are available by customers’ request. 

■ Rolling bearings with re-greasing devices or sleeve bearing 

■ Insulation system is designed for temperature class 155 (F). At rated output with line-fed operation, the motors can be used in temperature class 130 (B). Class 180 (H) are available by request.  

■ Total enclosed air-air cooling (cooling method IC 611, IC616, IC666 according to IEC 60034-6) as standard, Air-water cooling (IC81W) is optional.

■ The slip ring part is arranged at NDE side out of motor’s house, with protection IP23 or IP44, or located inside motor’s house with same protection grade as motor.